Monday, April 19, 2010

A silver lining ...


Eyjafjallajokull in angry mood

... even this cloud has a silver lining

We have three unexpected, but most welcome visitors. They are all marooned in Edinburgh, at the pleasure of the winds and the volcano, following the ACM-BCS Visions conference last week. They have visitor offices in the Forum, for the duration. Please make them feel at home.

Barbara Liskov

Barbara Liskov (IF 3.23), from the Programming Methodologies Group in CSAIL at MIT.
Barbara's interests include programming methodology, distributed computing, programming languages, and operating systems.

Jon Kleinberg

Jon Kleinberg (IF 3.20), from Cornell University.
Jon works on the social and information networks that underpin the Web and other on-line media.

Ken Anderson

Kenneth Anderson (IF 5.15), from the University of Colorado at Boulder. Ken is works on crisis informatics, software architecture, scientific workflow, scientific data management, web application frameworks and REST-based Web services.

In particular, Ken is currently working on Widescale Computer-Mediated Communication in Crisis Response—how apt.

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